muddle through (or Brit. along)

muddle through (or Brit. along)
cope more or less satisfactorily.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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  • muddle — verb 1》 bring into a disordered or confusing state.     ↘(muddle something up) confuse two or more things with each other. 2》 confuse (a person). 3》 (muddle through (or Brit. along)) cope more or less satisfactorily. 4》 US mix (a drink) or stir… …   English new terms dictionary

  • muddle — v 1. mix, mix up, jumble, jumble together, throw together, tumble; scramble, tangle, ensnarl; clutter, litter, turn upside down, mess, mess up, make a mess of; disarrange, derange, disorder, disarray, disorganize. 2. botch, bungle, blunder,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • rub along — verb manage one s existence barely I guess I can squeeze by on this lousy salary • Syn: ↑scrape along, ↑scrape by, ↑scratch along, ↑squeak by, ↑squeeze by • Hypernyms: ↑cop …   Useful english dictionary

  • fog — fog1 fogless, adj. /fog, fawg/, n., v., fogged, fogging. n. 1. a cloudlike mass or layer of minute water droplets or ice crystals near the surface of the earth, appreciably reducing visibility. Cf. ice fog, mist, smog. 2. any darkened state of… …   Universalium

  • hack it — (informal) COPE, manage, get on/by, carry on, come through, muddle along/through; stand it, tolerate it, bear it, endure it, put up with it; informal handle it, abide it, stick it; Brit. informal be doing with it. → hack …   Useful english dictionary

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